CUI Ostomy Underwear (High Waisted Women's cotton Underwear with internal scoop pouch)

The CUI pouch support range is designed with a patented in built  'scoop' pouch cover.

This 'scoop pocket' keeps any pouch used away from the skin to help in minimise irritation. High waisted to prevent discomfort around the stoma and surrounding area.

Gently supports any weight or movement of the pouch during the day or night and minimise any pouch noise.

CUI Ostomy underwear is made from 100% cotton and secures any stoma bag used with internal pocket options of Right, Left, Central or Twinned.

Black 3 Pack Shortie Ostomy Underwear High Waisted Womens

Position of Pocket
Qty in pack
  • We advise that all of our support garments are machine washed under a normal setting at a maximum 40�C.Garments should then hung to be dried naturally which helps to ensure longer lasting performance. We also suggest that VELCRO� brand fastenings are secured/closed during any wash cycle. For best results we would also suggest garments are placed in a 'wash-bag' although this is not necessary.

  • Discounted price available for 3 packs 

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